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Do you have a Smoke Alarm in your home?

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

Safety is a high priority at Quality Comfort Air Conditioning And Heating Inc.

Surprisingly, smoke alarms is one of the most ignored device in a residential home.

We wanted to remind our clients to change the batteries in their home smoke alarms regularly.

A properly operating smoke alarm allows time for you and your family to get out of your home if there was a fire.

The majority of fire related injuries is a result of fires in homes without proper smoke detectors.

Quality Comfort recommends the following to help protect your home and the safety of your family.

  1. Installing smoke alarms in every bedroom.
  2. Installing smoke alarms outside each sleeping area.
  3. Testing your smoke alarm at least once a month by pressing the "test" button.
  4. Installing a smoke alarm on every level of your home.
  5. Change the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once every six months.
  6. Don't Ignore that annoying little beep :) "Low Battery Alert". 

Learn about what NEST has to offer for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms that communicate directly with your smart devices!