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When is the best time to buy an Air Conditioning and Heating system in Florida?

In Florida, when our outdoor temperatures are absolutely beautiful, the last thing we want to think about is replacing our outdated, inefficient air conditioning and heating system. It's not uncommon when our technician arrives at a service call for the homeowner to mention they know they need to replace their air conditioner but they were hoping to make it last until Summer. I would like to share with you,

 Why NOW Is The Best Time To Buy A New Air Conditioning System!

 In Florida, the average life expectancy can vary based on environmental conditions, location, and frequency of maintenance of your air conditioning and heating system. The average life expectancy in Brevard County, Florida is about 10 to 12 years. Your air conditioning system could still be cooling at or beyond this average life expectancy, but might not be cooling as efficiently as it once did, and the chances of it breaking down in the middle of summer dramatically increase with age. If you replace your current air conditioning system with a new higher efficient system it will save you money on your cooling cost. This is one of the many reasons to replace your air conditioning system sooner than later. When is the best time to replace your air conditioning system? Before you need it! This will save you the hassle of having to replace it quickly and suddenly in the near future and you will have the luxury of time to understand all of your options. Because of these reasons consider replacing your air conditioning unit before the high demand of the cooling season not during or after. When our outside Florida temperature heat index reaches well over 100 degrees and your air conditioning system is running around the clock to maintain your desired comfort level, this is when your Inefficient air conditioner is going to cost you the most and when you would benefit the most by having your new system already installed. 

Don't Get Left In The Heat Or In The Dog House!

The Rewards You Get To Beat The Heat! 

Peace Of Mind! Knowing you're not going to be without air conditioning when you need it most! 

Energy Savings! Start saving on your cooling cost the day your new efficient air conditioning system is installed!

Save More Money! During our slow season, Quality Comfort can negotiate better rates with manufacturers and local supply houses and we are able to pass those savings to you! Take advantage of the manufacturer's incentives/rebates and Quality Comfort discounts.

Keep Out Of The Dog House!

Our technicians hear this all the time "air conditioners always break at the worst time, at night, on the weekend, when the family is planning to visit, or during a record heatwave! We understand that it's ALWAYS an inconvenient time when your air conditioning and heating system break down. We do try to respond as quickly as possible but when the high demand for replacements hits air conditioning contractors all at the same time in the middle of the summer, contractors have to put customers on a tight schedule, order equipment at a higher cost and hopefully, the local supply houses still have the size air conditioner they need in stock. If not they might have to order your equipment. Contractors are required to get a permit to replace air conditioning systems, and the local building departments might be overwhelmed and this could delay the installation of a new system! On a personal note, I might be able to wait a few long hot nights if this happened but on the other hand, my wife might make me sleep in the dog house.:)  Contact us to schedule your free no-obligation new Air Conditioning and Heating system estimate.