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Tips to help increase your air conditioning system life expectancy

  1. Change your air filter.

We recommend changing your air filter regularly this will help remove physical contaminants from the air. Changing your filter will also improve the indoor air quality of your home. Replacing your air conditioner's filter often will help to maintain the efficiency of your system by keeping your evaporator coil and blower wheel clean. A dirty or restricted air filter could increase your cooling cost by 15%.

  1. Drain line maintenance.

Backed-up drain lines are our #1 service call!  When a drain line backs up it spills water underneath your system. Air Conditioning systems are installed in garages, closets, attics, crawl spaces, and other areas you do not want water leaking which could result in biological growth. Most systems have a return box beneath them which is made of plywood insulated with fiberglass duct board. The water leak can lead to biological growth, wood rot, premature rust and corrosion of the base of the air handler, and the breakdown of the fiberglass insulation causing it to not be as effective.

 Emergency Float Switches are an effective way to allow your air conditioner to shut down automatically when the drain line backs up. Your system shutting down in August is a surefire way to get your attention!

What can you do to help prevent your drain line from backing up? Many systems are installed with what we call “Bleach Ports”. Normally, this is a pipe with a cap that can be removed. Bleach or Vinegar can be added to help break down the bacteria slime that builds up over time. 

If you have any questions about drain line maintenance or would like to have a Bleach Port or float switch installed, please visit our contacts page!

  1. Keep your outdoor unit clean and free of debris.

Keeping your outside coil clean and free of debris maintains the system's efficiency. As corrosion builds on the coil or landscaping over-growth blocks the airflow, the system works harder and harder to remove the heat from your home increasing your electric bill. Vegetation will clog up the drain holes on the bottom of your air conditioner and could cause it to rust. This is another reason why scheduling preventative maintenance checks with Quality Comfort is very Important

It is also a great idea to assure NO sprinklers are hitting the unit as it will increase the rate at which the metals will break down. When rinsing your outdoor system down use city water on low to medium pressure to assure you don’t cause fin damage.

  1. Annual or Semi-Annual Maintenance.

Having your system maintained by Quality Comfort will keep your system running at its top efficiency. Our trained technicians can test components like run capacitors, start capacitors, verify safety switches, float switches, check refrigerant pressures, Ampere reading on motors, address mold & filtration issues, and most important the technician can provide you information on how to help your system last.

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