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Wickham Park Located in Melbourne, Florida

At Quality Comfort, we are proud to introduce you to Wickham Park - a stunning public park located in Melbourne, Florida. Spread across 391 acres, this park boasts a plethora of amenities that make it a top choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Wickham Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty, offering breathtaking scenic lakes for swimming, serene floral nature trails for walking, jogging, and cycling, and extensive frisbee golf courses and archery ranges. The park also offers horse stables, equestrian obstacle courses, and fenced-in, off-leash dog parks, perfect for animal lovers. With numbered exercise trails, multiple picnic pavilions, BBQ grills, campgrounds, ball fields, and playgrounds, Wickham Park has something for everyone.

Not only does the park provide year-round beauty, but it also plays host to several large events, drawing locals and tourists alike. From archery lessons with the Brevard Archers to the annual Indiafest, Strawberry Festival, and Vietnam Memorial, Wickham Park is a hub of activity and fun. The park even offers free movies in the park, perfect for families looking to enjoy a beautiful park setting.

Whether you're looking for an active day of swimming, cycling, hiking, or picnicking, or a relaxed day of movie-watching, jogging, or just spending time with friends and family, Wickham Park offers a wealth of options to suit every taste. So why not explore this stunning park for yourself? We encourage you to share your experiences and memories, and we can't wait to hear about your visit to Wickham Park.