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Florida:The Lightning Capital ! Quality Comfort offers surge protection to help prevent electrical surge damage to your air conditioning system

Most of us are aware that Florida holds the title as the lightning capital of the United States. For decades we have purchased products to protect our television, stereo systems, and other household items. Today, almost all products have electronic circuit boards and are sensitive to transient voltages, brown-outs, and power surges. Why do we purchase accessories to protect our electronics? YES! They are expensive.

Did you know your home air conditioning and heating system is just as susceptible to these transient voltages as all your other electronics? Modern-day air conditioners have printed circuit boards to control system functions. We protect our $800 televisions and $400 computers as if it is not an option. When it comes to our home comfort systems, which can cost in the ranges of $4,000 to $13,000, we tend to overlook it until it quits working. Out of sight out of mind.

Most printed circuit boards in air conditioning and heating systems are OEM, meaning they are specific to the equipment they are installed in. This could mean that if a component is damaged, the part might not be directly available or a commonly stocked part on a service truck and might require to be ordered. In-turn this can leave you without air conditioning in the middle of the summer for a couple of days waiting on parts.

Brevard County, Florida experiences a lot of power surges due to Hurricanes with large-scale power outages and damaged utility brown-outs, power surges, and other transient voltages that were happening daily for weeks after the storm. We worked around the clock to repair damaged components. Everything from capacitors to Thermostats was damaged.

Air Conditioning Surge Protection

Did you know that many manufacturers of surge protectors will warranty the products their surge protectors protect in the event the surge protector fails to protect the system? Some will even warranty up to $7500! What can you do to protect your air conditioning system? Contact us for more information at 321-242-2513!