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Air Conditioner SEER Rating-Quality Comfort-Melbourne-Florida

At Quality Comfort Air Conditioning And Heating Inc, we understand the importance of having an energy-efficient air conditioning system. How energy efficient an air conditioner depends on the SEER rating or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is and the more money you can save on your energy bill. While a higher SEER rating may mean a higher initial cost for the air conditioner unit, in the long run, it can save you more money on your energy bill.

The amount of money you can save on your electric bill by upgrading from a 14 SEER air conditioner to a 16 SEER air conditioner in Melbourne, Palm Bay, and surrounding areas in Brevard County, Florida will depend on several factors, including the size of your home, your energy usage habits, and the temperature you have your thermostat set to. However, in general, you can expect to save around $15 per month for every SEER point above 14. So, if you upgrade from a 14 SEER unit to a 16 SEER unit, you can expect to save around $30 per month on your energy bill.

This is a rough estimate and it's best to consult with one of our professional HVAC technicians from Quality Comfort Air Conditioning And Heating to get a more accurate estimate of the savings you can expect based on your specific home and usage patterns. Maintenance is a huge factor in energy savings.

A Dirty air filter or dirty coil can increase your cooling cost dramatically. This is just yet another reason to consider Quality Comfort's club membership which includes preventative maintenance visits. For more information click Quality Comfort Club Membership Options. 

Here is a breakdown of the estimated monthly savings for the difference in SEER ratings:

  • 14 SEER to 15 SEER: around $15 per month
  • 14 SEER to 16 SEER: around $30 per month
  • 16 SEER to 18 SEER: around $45 per month

It's important to note that these are rough estimates and the actual savings may vary depending on the specific conditions of your home.